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Sketch Palm Tree Brushes for Procreate

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75 high quality sketch palm tree silhouette stamps for Procreate!

The brushes are perfect if you want to use the sketch palm trees as a background element or just to add some details in your artwork! These palm trees has a kind of grainy and sketchy look, but fully possible to duplicate the layer to make the palm trees look more bold and less sketchy.

  • All palm trees drawn by hand, made with lots of love! ♡

A little note:

This brushset is free, just insert $0 if you want to download it for free. However please donate if you can! All donations are always very much appreciated and so helpful for me as a creator. When you donate, I am more able to create more free stuff for you guys!

About the versions of this brushset:

However, there is a paid version of this brushset, it is for commercial purposes. If you buy the commercial version, you are granted my permission to use my brushes without crediting me. It means you are allowed to use my brushes in artworks you plan to sell, in commercials etc.

You are only not allowed to reupload my brushes and resell it anywhere.

How to download?

This download method has worked well; I would recommend you download the brushset on Safari on your iPad, because Safari automatically unzips the file unlike other browsers. Then click on the download icon at the top right corner, click on the file and it magically exports to Procreate app for you.

Contact me on Instagram @Aestheticallypleasingdrawings if you experience issues or have questions. I am also contactable on mail:


I hope you enjoy this free brushset!

Tag me on Instagram if you use my brushes so I am able to see your beautiful artworks! 💕

- Marla

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What's included in this brushset:

75 Stamps of Sketch Palm Trees
22.4 MB


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Sketch Palm Tree Brushes for Procreate

18 ratings
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